31 January 2018

A Comfy Outfit For A Chill Sunday

Jeans - Missguided (old)
Old Skool Vans - Asos

A very different vibe on the blog with this outfit. I fancied switching it up a little, going more on the casj side of things. The outfits I generally post, I would not wear day to day. Normally because a lot of them ain't that comfy, and ain't that practical, and deffo not suited to the current cold weather conditions. Not ideal for a chill Sunday shopping sesh. That was a lot of S's. Tongue twister? 

What you need for a chill Sunday outing is a super soft, cosy hoodie. Nicce has sorted me right out in that department, with these two women's hoodies. I'm gonna go ahead and say it, I was well impressed with the quality of these. The material is honestly so soft. I'd go as far to say they've won top place for softest jumpers in my wardrobe, and that's a hard place to achieve - I mean, I've got a teddy bear jumper for gods sake. I can quite literally see myself living in these every evening after work. I actually can't wait to get home later and throw one of these on with my PJ's.

For my Sunday shop sesh, I wasn't quite feeling the PJ's and hoodie look, as much as I would like to live in that outfit. Instead, I went for the slightly more socially accepted choice of black skinny jeans. Can't go wrong really, can ya? I realise mine are basically torn to shreds, but they are by far the comfiest pair I own. By far. They stretch for days. The material is more like jeggings, but they are proper jeans, I swear. So comf. So comf in fact that I wore them to death when I first made the purchase, and made myself sick of them. Definitely got my moneys worth!

Which hoodie is your fave? The black or the beige?

*This post was sponsored by Nicce.



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  1. Definitely love the black one the most! Nicce have such nice pieces!

    Isobel x

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