13 September 2016

That's So 90's

Halter Top - American Apparel via Depop
Mom Jeans - Vintage
Bag - Vintage

I'm back from Bestival and the festival blues have kicked in hard. I really wanted to write up and schedule some posts to go up while I was there but to be honest, I really didn't have the time. Being too busy to be able to put as much time as I would like into my blog makes me dislike my job even more. I started my blog while I was at uni so I had plenty of time to work on it. Since working almost full time, I've really noticed how much less I've been able to grow and develop it. I'm purely working there to save up enough mons to go travelling, and when you're only at a job for the money it can be very draining. I am grateful that I get my Wednesday's off (that literally saves me) but I'm still hating life for the other four days.

Anyway, enough about my shitty job, I didn't mean for this post to turn into a massive rant! I think it's because I'm currently en route to work and dreading the day ahead aha! Let's talk about something more interesting- zee outfit. I've loved 90's inspired fashion for a couple of years now, and a spaghetti halter crop paired with mom jeans shows the style off well good. The bag I actually found in a charity shop for under a fiver. I've seen one similar to it in a vintage shop for 30 quid, so couldn't resist snapping this bargain up.

The Nike's are new in. I first spotted them in Urban Outfitters but tried my best to ignore them because (a) I don't need more trainers and (b) trainers in UO seem to be more expensive than anywhere else. But y'know when you see something in a shop and just can't get it out of ya head? Yeah that. I had a look on the Office website and found the junior ones in the sale for £40!? What a bargain. Anyone else buy trainers in the junior section? If you don't and you're a 5 and a half or under, you need to start now. They're like £20 cheaper. Such a good trick.


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  1. lol I wish I could buy shoes in the junior section but they don't accommodate my giant feet Hahaa! I freaking love your style! X


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