21 August 2016

LFW with George

Shorts - Topshop
Trainers - Asos

Who remembers Umbro? Yeah I know, bit of a throwback. George gave me the challenge of putting together a LFW worthy outfit with some of their clothes, and this is what I give ya.

I had a look at both the women's and men's sections (are you even doing oversized right if you don't buy from the men's?) and spotted this Umbro tee. First thought? Buy the biggest size and wear that thing like a dress. I do love a good oversized tee/shirt as a dress. 

And the hat? Well it's paisley print and hides my dodgy, slightly grown out fringe. It wins for me.  

Don't worry, I am wearing clothes under the tee... I found this sports bra (yes, sports bra!!) in the workout section and died a bit. It makes a perfect little crop top. The sports bra bit is kind of built in on the inside and then there's the pretty pastel layer on top. Although let's be real, I won't be working out in this, just wearing as a little top...


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