4 April 2016

Spring Outfit Inspo

Dreaming of Spring...
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I'm getting into wearing colour a lot more recently, like, I'm just getting a bit bored of wearing mostly black nearly everyday. I do love a good ol' all black outfit, but I've decided colour is just so much more fun, and screams fun more than a pink denim a-line skirt. Also those boots.. I can't even... they're so perfect, I just can't part with £90 on a pair of shoes right now :'(.

flares, cropped flared jeans, leopard pring high neck top, silver platforms, pom pom earrings, skinnydip shell back, 70s inspired spring outfit, 70s fashion style inspiration

Thank you to the girl I saw after work on Friday, sporting flares and silver platforms. I would never have put those two together, but they looked rad on her so I couldn't resist recreating the look. I'm not gonna lie, up until a few days ago I never liked flares, and couldn't imagine that I'd wear them, *ever*, but I'm kinda liking cropped jeans that are only slightly flared, like this Asos pair.

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Couldn't not include a grunge inspired look, and just look at those Creepers - the sole is insane. I really like taking cutesy, baby doll dresses and toughening them up with denim and leather, and in this case, a biker bag (as Skinny Dip calls it).



  1. I genuinely can't pick which of these looks I love the most omg I literally need every piece! Swooning over the star boots <3

  2. Love the pastel pink skirt, I adore the button down trend!
    Amy xx
    Call Me Amy

  3. Obsessed with your style! I love these looks!

    Georgia Rose || www.justgeorgiarose.com


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