13 April 2016


Shirt - Vintage
Skirt - Charity Shop

I seem to always go for mismatched prints when I'm lacking outfit inspo. It can look so unique, and I like the contrast between the two prints that don't reeeaaaally go together. I was originally going to play it safe and just throw on a denim jacket. Problem was, the one I have is massive (love oversized denim), and cos the skirt is so big and flowy it just completely drowned me out.

I think with big flowy skirts etc... it looks really flattering to wear something figure hugging on the waist. If it was the middle of summer I'd just go for a crop top - pretty obvs choice, but easy and simple - but it's Spring, and let's face it, Spring in England is still fricking freezing. An oversized shirt tied at the waist seemed like a pretty good alternative.


1 comment

  1. I'm always contrasting and mixing my prints and these two look great together. I really love that floral skirt and it looks so gorgeous on you! Your photos are beautiful. Katie xx



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