10 March 2016

Topshop Wishlist | Birthday Outfits

Guess who's birthday it is in exactly two weeks? Can't say I'm particularly excited just because it doesn't feel like it's going to be my birthday (it never seems to any more, I think it's because it always comes around so quickly), but I am looking forward to being able to stuff my face with zero guilt, and also to the night out I have planned. Here's some outfits I wish I could wear.

You know when you tuck a top into a skirt or a pair of shorts, and it starts to ride up and get all loose and wrinkly around the waist? I think my fave thing about bodies is that this just isn't an issue - they stay well behaved and perfectly tucked. No hassle, no fuss, just what I need. This leopard print body also has the bottom half of the back completely cut out and it looks bad ass. And can we all just take a moment to appreciate how rad the glitter bag is? The blue and purple in the bag and pastel jacket collar really pop against an otherwise monochrome outfit.

Slightly out of my comfort zone, this one. All black er'rything outfits I am all for. I dunno what it is about all white, but I fear it a little. The black boots, bag and choker break the white up well though, and make it a little more wearable for yours truly. Also, the bomber jacket is just insane - I think the metallic copper looks so good against the white.

Completely contrasting with the previous outfit, I look at this and just feel comfort. Mostly black with small accents of colour. Black is definitely my safety colour, I hide behind it too much. I do feel like my life is missing this dress. Without the cut out details I doubt it would have caught my attention, but it really is little details like cut outs that are the game changers. I do honestly think that they designed this dress with me in mind - high neck, waist cut outs and black - all my fave things. Also, not sure if we're going too far with the pom pom headband here, but for the moment, I like it.


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