29 March 2016

The Perfect Spring Transitional Piece

Top & Skirt - H&M
Denim Jacket - Vintage
Socks - Primark

I do love a bit of H&M, but it does have it's issues like the sizes being completely wrong (we've all complained about this one, right?), and the fact that basically nothing stocked in the stores is on the website. Slightly annoying because I did want to link the jumper and skirt, but there ya go.

I originally bought just the knitted skirt to wear out for my birthday and turned my nose up at the matching jumper hanging above it. I love a good summery two piece, but a knitted jumper and skirt combo? Nah... Never seen one worn, and couldn't imagine I'd ever want to leave the house in one. A couple of days later I was on a casual Pinterest rampage and came across the ol' knitted co-ord. Seeing people actually wear them made my mind do a complete 180 and I decided I needed to get my paws on the matching jumper.

The thin knit is going to be perfect for transitioning into the warmer Spring weather, but the long sleeves and midi length give that much needed extra warmth because let's face it, it hasn't warmed up that much from the winter chills yet.


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  1. ALICE I'm obsessed with this look, that two piece is perfection!!


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