4 February 2016

Gradient Glitter Nails

I've never really been that into to nail art, probably because I'm lazy af with nails. But seriously, who has time to sit there for 15 minutes painting their nails then another 15 hours waiting for them to dry, just for them all to be chipped the next day. When I've got false nails on though, they do seem to dry quicker and chipping is just non existent, so apparently my nails are just shit then...

I used a Ciate polish in Snow Fall over the top of Espresso by Barry M. I packed Snow Fall onto the bottom of the nail, wiped all the excess off the brush back into the bottle, and then kind of spread small amounts of the polish halfway up the nail.

Yeah, describing skills are on point there...

I wasn't really liking the Matte and glitter together, so I put a layer of Barry M top coat over it all.

I think I prefer glossy to matte anyway. I am also still yet to find a matte polish that doesn't look streaky. Any suggestions?


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  1. Your nails look amazing! I'm getting better at doing my nails regularly but it drives me mad how long it takes. And mine are crap too, the polish chips and basically just peels off within a couple of days. I love the Ciate glitter you've used! I've never tried a matte polish as I prefer glossy, but I do have Models Own matte top coat which is pretty decent at making your nails look matte. And there's no streaking because it's just a top coat over regular polish. Great post! Katie xx



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