10 January 2016


Why does the weekend go so quickly!!! 

I have so much saving motivation at the moment. I plan on putting most of my pay each month into my savings, and just keeping what  I absolutely need to spend, like travel, gym and phone bill. It's just soooo hard when there are so many clothes and other random shit that I don't need but want to buy. I need more money.

Did you know the absolute minimum a person needs to live off of in England is £8.25 an hour (estimated by the Living Wage Foundation), so why da fuck is minimum wage at £6.70??? Does anyone else agree? I really hate this country, I can't wait until I can afford to move to somewhere better. Possibly Canada? Could I deal with the cold though, this is the question.

Bit of a ranty one this week, soz. In much more exciting news, I'm going to Bugged Out Weekender next weekend! So excited - anyone else going?

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1 comment

  1. I feel ya. I'm currently in a spending ban which is killing me.
    Living is a struggle with the little amount we get :/

    I wanna move to Tokyo, then again I may struggle for money there too ha! At least I'd be in my happy place ;)



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