31 July 2015

Blue Jays

Tee - Toronto Blue Jays Merch (Old)
Belt - Primark

I'm a teeny bit obsessed with ringer tees at the moment, so I was well happy when Lewis was having a clear out and gave me this Blue Jays. I spotted it laying in his room when I went round there a couple of weeks ago - I'm not gonna lie, I was thinking about all the ways I could style it up when I asked to 'borrow' it. Then he asked me if I wanted it because he thought I could wear it as a PJ top. Of course I said yes, but no way was this baby getting demoted to a PJ top, it's way 2 kl 4 dat. I thought it would look pretty cool tucked into an a-line skirt, and I really like blue and camel together.

I've really been loving wearing bigger hoop earrings like these as well recently. They feel so weird and heavy in my ears, because literally, I haven't worn big earrings for years. I usually wear really tiny hoops in all of my ear piercings, but I'm enjoying the change. Thoughts?


28 July 2015

More Double Denim

Jacket - Vintage
Shorts - Vintage
Lace Up Body - Boohoo
Belt - Primark

Even though I don't wear it that often, double denim is definitely a fave of my at the mo. I have so much denim as well, it's like endless denim pairing possibilities. I really like the two vintage denim pieces together as they both have that cool washed out look, and because they are the same colour of denim they kind of  match. The shorts were actually my mum's from back in day. She gave them to me about five years ago and they've been such a staple piece since. I love how they are still in practically perfect condition.

I've also seen lace up body's similar to this one everywhere recently, I love them so much though. I actually got mine a while back, but I've only worn it once. Not gonna lie, I do feel slightly exposed with the completely open back along with open lace up bit around the booby area, but I'm definitely going to have to start wearing it more because it looks so rad on. I think it will be a good one for festivals.


26 July 2015

Moon Print

Shorts - Miss Selfridge
Halterneck Top - Missguided
Boots - H&M (Old)

This two piece was literally the biggest impulse buy. I never usually buy anything without looking at the price first, but I saw this, grabbed it, and just bought it without thinking. I was in the biggest spending mood ever, probs why. It was unexpectedly expensive, and I probably wouldn't have bought it if I knew the price, but I love it either way. I think the paisley print is quite 70's reminiscent, which most likely drew me to it.

It also pairs up perfectly with this crop top, which I've just discovered is now £8 in the sale - damn it, should have waited a more few days to buy it... I love moons and moon prints. Basically, if it has a moon on it, it's going to become mine at some point. The only issue I have with this top is that it's slightly see-through (although, kind of too be expected from a cheap white top). I usually use boob tape with backless tops, but that was a bit of a no-go because bits of tape showing through is not a good look. I ended up picking up one of those backless stick on bras from Primark - man, I hate those things. It constantly feels like it's going to fall off with every movement I make. Boob tape is so much better!



Long time no post... I think this is the longest I've not posted since I started this blog, but I've been so busy with graduating and moving out of my house in Portsmouth, I haven't had time to take outfit photos. I also went to Mutiny Festival last Sunday - it was pretty good, soooo small though, but I think that's just because I'm used to bigger festivals. I wore this cute two piece (fourth pic) from Miss Selfridge that will be on here tomorrow.

I got some really rad bits from Missguided as well. Their festival section is on point at the moment. The tie dye dress I actually bought for Bestival to wear on the fancy dress day - there's a theme every year and this year it's 'Summer of Love' - gotta be all hippie n shiz. 

I'm excited to get back into blogging though, I literally have sooooo many outfits to shoot and post!


14 July 2015

Lace & Denim

Lace Top - Camden Market
Denim Skirt - Charity Shop
Sunglasses - Topshop
Belt - Primark

This skirt is becoming such a staple in my wardrobe recently. Whenever I don't know what to wear I put it on, and basically every single top I own goes with it. I feel like it will be in a lot of outfit posts over the summer.

I rarely ever rare this lace top. I actually normally forget that I have it, so it's always such a good rediscovery every time I find it. The last time it was on my blog I simply layered it over a black triangle bra, but I also really love how it looks over a black 90's style spaghetti strap top. I love the ones that have cool moon and other awesome prints in white on them (like this), and I think one of those would look even better under the lace. I really need to pick one up.


12 July 2015


I can't believe how long I've kept up with my Insta Week's for, it's been over six months now and I think I've only missed two.

This week has dragged again, but I'm so excited for next weekend - back to Portsmouth. I'm planning to go out on Friday and Saturday night, and on the Sunday I'm going to Mutiny festival in Chichester. It's one of the smaller ones, but the lineup looks pretty good. Hopefully I won't be feeling too ill for my graduation the next day... I did buy an outfit for grad this week though, which I'm sure will be appearing on the blog very soon...


10 July 2015

Lazy Hair Days

Shirt - Topshop (Old)
Tee - Depop
Lace Skirt - H&M
Sunglasses - Topshop

This is quite a different outfit for me because I never wear white on white, and when I do wear white I usually add a black piece in somewhere to balance things out. Black is such a safety blanket. I do really like the white shirt layered over the white lace skirt, it gives a bit of a slouchy look. The orange tee looks really vibrant against the white as well.

I also never wear my hair up for outfits I'm planning to put up on the blog either. To be honest, I wasn't even planning on taking photos today, so I didn't bother washing my hair (it is currently past that stage where it looks nice having it down but I'm too lazy to wash it), but I threw these bits together and decided it was a pretty blog worthy outfit. I may start wearing my hair in a bun like this more for outfit pics, I kinda like it.

I really want to start doing more lifestyle type posts, but I literally do nothing, my lifestyle posts would just be me describing a day of eating and laying in bed and applying for jobs - EXCITING I KNOW. When I have money and can afford to do things I'll start.


8 July 2015

I Got New Boots

Oversized Denim Shirt - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Dress - Urban Outfitters (Old)

This is the second time I've tried taking outfit photos with these boots, and both times they have not turned out well. This is basically the best from a bad bunch. Hate it when that happens!

I picked these boots out from a new website called Footmaller, who basically have an enormous collection of shoes from hundreds of different brands. There's so many on there, seriously I spent about an hour trawling through until I found these beauts. A lot of the shoes are at a reduced price as well, so it's a good place to look if you're on the hunt for a pair of cheap designer shoesies.

One of my fave colour combos is maroon and monochrome, so this little dress with the monochrome 70's inspired print went perfectly with the boots for me. I'm also so obsessed with bandanas at the moment, I think even if you're wearing quite a simple outfit, adding a bandana somewhere makes it waaayyy more interesting, And they look cool.

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