21 June 2015

Glastonbury Festival: Some Of The Bits I'm Bringing

It's come around so quickly - ten weeks ago, by some miracle, I managed to snap up a couple of Glastonbury tickets in the resale. They sold out in eleven minutes, and I got in there on the seventh. Literally, I was staring at the 'booking complete' page not believing I had actually gotten them. About time after three years of trying though. And on Wednesday I am finally going to be there, so thought I would write a post on some of the outfits and other random bits I plan on bringing.

Flash Tattoos - eBay | Print Socks - Topshop | Watermelon Cup - New Look | *Sunglasses - Carrera Via Sunglasses Shop | Tie Dye Socks - Primark

Funky socks and a watermelon cup are coming along, because why not? I do have fear that the cup will get broken so I'll have to take extra good care of it. Obviously my *Carrera sunnies will be joining me, because they are like having 3 pairs with the interchangeable frames - packing space saved! I'm not sure if I'll actually be bothered to use the flash tattoos once I'm there, but I thought I would bring them anyway - just in case. 

Since taking the photos for this post I've decided to only bring my Dr Martens and my Adidas Supercolours (which I didn't include above, but they are in one of the outfits below). I reaalllyyy wanted to take my converse because I'm addicted to them at the mo, but they get so uncomfy even after just a couple of hours of wearing them, and the same for the feather boots, and I cannot deal with rubbing shoes at festivals. As far as I know the Supercolours don't do that, so they had the winning spot in my bag.

I am a bit worried about bring the Instax. The last time I thought it would be a good idea to bring a camera to a festival (Reading 2k11), there was a water situation in my bag and it got all ruined - I was well annoyed, it was a pretty decent camera. I'm thinking I'll keep it in my camera case, because I do want Glasto Polaroids.

Sheer Maxi Shirt - H&M | Triangle Bra - H&M  | Knicker Shorts - River Island (Old) | *Sunglasses - Carrera Via Sunglasses Shop

You can't really see in the photo, but the shirt is a maxi shirt and it's pretty sheer - I thought it would look cool layered over the top of a triangle bra and a pair of knicker shorts. Maybe the tie dye socks to add a bit of colour? I dunno, I'm liking the all black here...

Shirt - Vintage | Skirt - H&M *Sunglasses - Carrera Via Sunglasses Shop

Top - eBay | Levi Shorts - Urban Outfitters 

Anyone else heading to the farm on Wednesday? #excited


19 June 2015

Feather Boots

Top - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Skirt - Charity Shop
Boots - Primark/DIY
Socks - Primark
*Carrera Sunglasses - Sunglasses Shop

I wanted some kind of hippie-esque boots with feathers and whatnot, but I literally could not find any, anywhere (none within my price range at least!). I went on the hunt for some little ankle boots and can stumbled across these in Primark, which were pretty much what a was looking for - a bit of a heel and a round pointed toe. I really like the mesh panels on each side as well. I also ordered some pompom trim and feathers from eBay (literally about a pound each), and this is how they turned out. Thoughts?


16 June 2015

Hair Wraps

So this is my new obsession...

I remember when everyone used to get these things like ten years ago on holiday - I don't actually think I ever got one though. I probably did, but either way I thought they were the best thing ever back then, and the love for them has slowly come back.

I sat looking on Pinterest for about half an hour they other night, looking for hair wrap inspiration (because where else would you go for inspiration?), and I've come to the conclusion that I really like the ones that are a bit on the messy side of things - you know, hair showing through, the colours criss crossing and merging into one another. I think it gives a more bohemian look compared to the neater versions.

They are so easy to do as well - you just braid a small section of hair and tie s few strands of embroidary thread around the top of the braid. The length of the thread really depends on how many different colours you are planning to use, and how many times you are going to wrap each colour around, but a good starting point is three times the length of your braid. You then wrap each thread around the braid tightly, swapping the colours as you go, and tie a knot at the bottom to finish it off - easy! Okay, it is a tad fiddley to do on your own hair, but it's pretty easy to get the hang of.

I actually added a little feather charm half way down on the blue, yellow, and red one that I completely forgot to photograph...

I can't wait to rock up to Glasto with these in.


15 June 2015

Hippie Goth

hippie dress, 70's dress, boho dress, bohemian dress, festival dress, hippie outfit, hippie tyle, festival outfit, festival style, fishnet socks, choker, chunky shoes

hippie dress, 70's dress, boho dress, bohemian dress, festival dress, hippie outfit, hippie tyle, festival outfit, festival style, fishnet socks, choker, chunky shoes

hippie dress, 70's dress, boho dress, bohemian dress, festival dress, hippie outfit, hippie tyle, festival outfit, festival style, fishnet socks, choker, chunky shoes

hippie dress, 70's dress, boho dress, bohemian dress, festival dress, hippie outfit, hippie tyle, festival outfit, festival style, fishnet socks, choker, chunky shoes

hippie dress, 70's dress, boho dress, bohemian dress, festival dress, hippie outfit, hippie tyle, festival outfit, festival style, fishnet socks, choker, chunky shoes

hippie dress, 70's dress, boho dress, bohemian dress, festival dress, hippie outfit, hippie tyle, festival outfit, festival style, fishnet socks, choker, chunky shoes

hippie dress, 70's dress, boho dress, bohemian dress, festival dress, hippie outfit, hippie tyle, festival outfit, festival style, fishnet socks, choker, chunky shoes

Dress - H&M
Belt - Primark
Socks - Primark
Shoes - Primark

Guess who's been loving Primark lately...

I mentioned this in a post recently, but H&M have got the best section of clothes at the moment, it's basically 90's grunge meets boho/hippie, and there was no way this dress wasn't making it's merry way home with me. Just like everyone else, I looovveee fringing at the moment, and I haven't actually seen a dress with the fringing along the bottom of it like this yet. The way the front and back of the dress have been cut into a point shape, I think it quite flattering.

This is another one that will most definitely be coming to festivals with me this summer. The material is really lightweight and floaty, so it's perfect for reeaaallllyyy hot weather (by my standards that's like 24 degrees....). 


14 June 2015


One week till Glasto, ahhh. I'm planning to do a lot more festivally posts this week, not just festival inspired outfits, so look out for those!

I wrote in one of my posts last week about the ridiculous amount of clothes I seem to have collected, and I couldn't take the mess of my wardrobe and drawers anymore, so I've finally had the big clear out. I was really strict with myself, and have basically cut down about half of my clothes. There's a massive bag full of them that refuses to shut. I'm planning to sell them on Vinted (an app that you can buy and sell clothes on, similar to Depop), but it's going to take soooooooo long putting them all up. I've put a few skirts ans pairs of shorts up, but even that took about an hour. I'm just going to hope it pays off, and loads of my clothes sell! In case you wanted to have a little look, my username on it is alilouxo - there'll be a lot more stuff going up this week!


11 June 2015

Pops Of Pink

Crochet Dress - New Look (Old)
Adidas Supercolours - Schuh
Necklaces - eBay
Socks - Primark

I completely forgot that I had this crochet dress, I'm so glad I managed to rediscover it. This one will most definitely be making it's way to Glastonbury with me. I really like the a line shape it has to it, as well as how it looks with just a triangle bra and high waisted knicker shorts underneath.

Another thing that will be coming along to festivals with me this year in this sassy pink bandana that I found in Lewis' room. Not quite sure what it was doing in there, I think it got it off of someone on a night out, and now I've stolen it. Next time, I think I'm going to wear it with the knot at round the back of my head, so it's more hippie-esque. Thoughts?


9 June 2015

3 Sunglasses In 1?

*Carrera Sunglasses - Sunglasses Shop

I've wanted a pair of white sunglasses for absolutely ages now, and this Carrera pair with the retro white frames is pretty much how I envisioned them being. But YOU CAN CHANGE THE FRAME! I didn't actually realise this until they arrived at my house. I opened the box and saw the frameless sunglasses along with a white and black frame, how cool is that!?!? 

I really like them without either of the frames on as well, I think they look quite vintage. The actual frames can be quite tricky to remove at first, but there's a knack to it, and once you get the hang of it they are fairly easy to change.

I also cannot wait to bring these to festivals and away on holiday (fingers crossed I'll actually be going abroad this year, I haven't visited a hot country in 5 years, what is this?), because it literally is having three pairs of sunglasses in one - packing space saved.

I'll admit, these aren't the cheapest pair in the world of sunnies, but definitely are not the most expensive. I can really tell the difference in quality between these and most of my other sunglasses which are from high street shops. I can't wait to style these up with different outfits!


8 June 2015

The Ringer Tee

Ringer Tee - Vintage
Denim Button Down Skirt - Charity Shop
Boots - Dr Martens
Socks - Primark
Flower Choker - Topshop (Old)

I've realised I have too many clothes. It's gotten to the point now where I will but something new, wear it once completely forget that I have it. It happened with this ringer tee, and the only reason I remembered was because I was looking through my old OOTD posts. I actually saw so many clothes that I forgot that I had looking through old outfit posts. It doesn't help that my wardrobe and drawers are a complete mess, but that can't be helped when tiny student house furniture doesn't provide enough space for my extensive clothes collection. No more buying clothes till after Glastonbury, I need to save money and space!

To be fair, both the ringer t-shirt and the denim button down skirt were two pieces I completely forgot I had. I think that they match up so well together as well, very 70's inspired. I actually wanted to wear my black an white converse with this outfit, but I stupidly forgot to bring them back when I was at home last week. SO annoying because I've practically been living in them and my Supercolours recently. I went for the Doc's because I haven't worn them in an outfit post in aggggeessss.


7 June 2015


I seem to always have to post a photo of one of my cats to Instagram whenever I go home. I literally waste so much time trying to get nice pictures of them as well, honestly it's close to impossible. They either won't sit still, or if they do they won't look in the right direction, and if I want to try and get a selfie holding one of them, it seems like that is the only time they don't want to be cuddled. If anyone is a pro at getting good photos of cats, would you care to share your tips? I managed to get this half cute one of Yugi being a sloth on the road... He is not scared of cars either, most normal cats run for their lives when they hear a car engine, but this one will just sit there looking gormless - I do fear for his life sometimes...  

Also, Urban Outfitters have the best homeware. I don't go in there very often as there isnt a UO here in Portsmouth (boo), but when I do go at home I want to buy one of everything, including all of the random bits and bobs they have in the homeware section.


5 June 2015

Rainbow Crochet

Maxi Shirt - H&M
Crochet Top - eBay
Levi Shorts - Urban Outfitters
Adidas Supercolours - Schuh
Sunglasses - Topshop

H&M have the coolest collection of clothes in at the moment.  I spied it and literally picked up one of everything there.  It's all black, and acid wash greys, and grungy, but there's quite a few 70's inspired piece there as well. It was liked I'd stepped into a clothing dream.  One of the dresses my mum very kindly bought me was a grey drop arm maxi dress, but the bottom part is all fringing - I'm sure that beaut will feature in a blog post very soon.  I also picked up this sheer maxi shirt - I love the slight acid wash print it has too it.

I thought it really cool buttoned up over a pair of black denim shorts and this rainbow crochet top I found on eBay for only a tenner.  I was originally going to try and make my own one, and then I YouTubed tutorials and was like nah.  Looked way too complicated.  I found a girl on eBay who was selling her own homemade ones.  She is really good, there are loads of different colours and styles, and you can send her your bra size and she will make it to fit you as best she can.  They were all £10.99 when I got mine, but she is selling them for as cheap as £3.50 now - quite the bargain.  May have to order some more!

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