31 March 2015

Braids & Buns

Tee - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Button Down Skirt - Urban Outfitters
Shoes - Converse

Wow, it was windy today.  Gale force wind level winds - it was not fun being outside.  A few days ago on Pinterest I saw the french plaits ending in 90's buns, and I had to give it a go myself.  I was expecting it to look stoopid on my head, as most hairstyles that pull my hair straight back usually do, but I think this looks a'ite.  And it keeps my hair out of my face which is always plus.  Especially in gale force wind conditions...


29 March 2015


Quick summary of last week - it was my birthday, I handed in all my coursework forever, and I found this on YouTube.  If you like Harry Pots give it a watch, it's v funny.


26 March 2015

Rock n Roll

Jacket - Vintage
Roll Neck - Charity Shop
Denim Button Skirt - Charity Shop
Boots - Topshop (Old)
Sunglasses - Topshop
Crescent Necklace - Rogue and Wolf

I feel so rock n roll in this outfit.  It's definitely the fringed leather jacket and round sunglasses combo...

I am so glad I finally bought some round sunglasses.  I always thought they looked silly on my face shape, but I tried these on in Topshop and actually liked them.  I know I always bitch about Topshop's bad quality, but their sunglasses case game is strong... weird thing thing to say, but seriously, go check out their sunglasses cases.  They're all holographic and pretty.


24 March 2015


Denim Jacket - Levis
Jimi Hendrix Tee - eBay
Skirt- - New Look
Shoes - Primark

Bloody hell, I look moody in these photos.  Don't ask, it was probably the wind or some shiiiiiit.  Wind actually annoys me so much, and I managed to pick the windiest city in England to go to uni...

I really like this denim jacket/tee combo.  I think I bought them around the same time last year when I was going through a 'wearing things that fit me properly not ten sizes too big' phase.  Otherwise the t shirt would be a dress and the jacket big enough for two.  I need to get some more rad tees like this Hendrix one that are quite fitted as I like the way they look tucked into skirts and high waisted jeans.

It's my birthday tomorrow yayyyyy.  The big 2.1.  I wanna go shopping but I'm pretty sure I have none of my £2000 overdraft left (whoops) and I'm trying to save my work wages for the joy of unexpected and very expensive gas bills.  Look at me being all sensible... Times are hard.  Need. Next. Loan. Now.


22 March 2015


Looking back through photos from last summer makes me (1) want it to be hot (2) want to have lilac hair again (3) want it to be hot.  It's just, when it's actually hot I hate the  heat and I find it way too much effort to keep my hair colourful and not faded.  See my problem?  This summer is also the first where I have no education to return to once the sun's gone in - I definitely feel like I'm in the way too deep end.  Maybe I'll just dye my hair lilac and be done with it.


17 March 2015

Denim Button Skirt

Faux Fur Coat - Urban Outfitters
Polo Neck - Charity Shop
Denim Button Skirt - Charity Shop
Boots - Dr Martens

Yay, it's finally warm enough to venture out with bare legs, please don't go cold again weather!  SO glad I can wear my fishnet knee highs, at long last.  I've been finding such good pieces in the charity shops recently, this denim button down skirt being one of them.  It is a little shorter at the back, meaning that if I lean over slightly too much there will be a little display in the knicker department - that's nothing that a little pair of those knicker shorts underneath can't sort out.  Cant really go wrong for £3 either!


15 March 2015


I hadn't realized how little I had posted on Instagram this week until I was putting this post together.  I feel I may have had a lack of Instapiration... get it? *wink emoji*.  Last week consisted of the usual... coursework.  I plan to finish the rest of it this week, I cannot wait till it's all done!

Has anyone tried The Body Shop's lipsticks before?  They're like a tenner but I like them because they are super moisturizing, and I have the curse of the dry lip, boo.  I also bought the Vitamin C Microdermabrasion, which I really high hopes for for some reason... don't let me down on this one body shop!

I also set up my first giveaway last week to win a pair of Le Specs sunglasses!  You can enter by clicking here if ya feel like it.


12 March 2015

Le Specs Sunglasses Giveaway

A few weeks ago I posted about those amazing pink Le Specs* sunglasses, and now I get to giveaway a pair from Sunglasses Shop to one of you... my very first giveaway, how exciting!

If you win, you can pick any pair of Le Specs shades from Sunglasses Shop's website - click here to get there.  The giveaway will end on midnight next Thursday, so get entering!

P.S. this is open internationally *thumbs up emoji*

a Rafflecopter giveaway


10 March 2015

Denim Yo

Denim Shirt - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Boots - Dr Martens

Look at me already trying to brave the bare legs - first hint of Spring sun and out they come.  Yes, tights were abruptly put on very soon after taking these photos, but they ruined the look I was going for.  I cannot wait until it warms up a little bit more so I can actually wear this shirt buttoned up without tights.  Oh, and maybe with a pair a fishnet knee high socks...  The cold is most displeasing to me now.

 I think they may still have them, but Urban Outfitters used to have a whole rail of massively oversized Levi's shirts and I picked this one up like 4/5 years ago - and I still have it!*  The rise of the denim trend has made me rediscover this guy , and I can see it being worn as a shirt dress quite a lot this Spring.

*I get bored of clothes quite quickly and most of them get re-homed, poor things. 

Thoughts on the denim trend?


8 March 2015


On Wednesday we handed in our dissssooo's, never have to think about those again!  Although I still have quite a bit of coursework due in for the 26th, which sucks.

I bought another MUA eye shadow palette this week, they're actually so good for only £4, the shades are so pigmented.  I've kind of stopped wearing eyeliner recently which is like shock horror for me, and I've moved more on to eye shadow instead.  Eyeliner has just become such a chore recently, I hate doing it.  After wearing a cat eye flick for like five years, I still haven't mastered getting them to look the same. 

Also, Jake the Dog is included because he is a fave and he speaks the truth.

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