26 February 2015

Touch of Lilac

I felt like putting some lilacy bits in my hair, so that happened this morning... I don't know if it will last very long, or whether I will redo it when it does wash out, because it  took quite a long time and I am rather lazy.

I'm liking having colourful hair again though!


24 February 2015

Seashells Part 2222

Faux Fur Coat - Vintage
Seashell Shirt Dress - Charity Shop
Shoes & Socks - Primark

Just a quick one today because I'm busy busy busy!  I'm already featuring this seashell shirt in another outfit post, I just love it's uniqueness and the fact that I can wear it as a dress with cat socks.  Meow.


22 February 2015


I'm so annoyed I only got to post on my blog once this week.  I've been so busy with coursework, and Lewis hurt his knee really badly at training (American Football) on Tuesday and can't really walk, AND the weather has been awful.  I finally got round to taking outfit photos with my housemate and it was all wind and rain outside - awful weather conditions.  Hence the #currentmood photo.

The weather actually gives me so much rage when it's like this, how dare it ruin my plans!!!  Hopefully next week will be sunny.


17 February 2015


Roll Neck - Charity Shop
Mom Jeans - Topshop (Old)
Shoes - Topshop (Old)

I keep wearing fishnets underneath my jeans recently, I think it's such an awesome, grungy look.  I'm gonna have to hunt down some ripped white jeans, cos that's what I want to wear them under next.

What's everyone thinking of the 70's trend?  I don't think I'm going to be able to get on board with bell bottom jeans/trousers, they aren't something I've ever really been a fan of.  Although, flared sleeves I love for some reason.  I'm also really into the whole bohemian, hippie, flower child thing, but it's a look I've never been able to rock as well as some other people.  The 60's/70's is, and has been for years, my favourite era ever, and I am constantly wishing I was a teen in those days, but I'm more of a 90's/early 2000's dresser.  Imagine the Spice Girls and Kurt Cobain having a clothes baby - my wardrobe is the outcome.  I'd totally be part of the hippie movement though - peace.


15 February 2015


Almost finished my dissertation yayayayay, I'm just doing the last section now and I have decided that I WILL finish it today - give me motivational comments please!

I apologize that I've somehow managed to mention uni work in every single post recently, it's just consuming my life rn - help!!!  At least I have a pink seashell shirt now to brighten my days.


12 February 2015

Sea Shells

Sea Shell Shirt - Charity Shop
Ripped Jeans - Primark
Boots - Dr Martens

And the award to the cutest shirt goes to... 
It was rather on the expensive side for a charity shop buy, £6.95 to be in fact.  You know when you see something you really like, don't buy it, then have constant obsessive thoughts until you finally cave and have to go pick it up - that's what would have happened if I didn't buy this shirt.  It's got such a unique sea shell print, and it's the perfect shade of bright pink.  I can't wait to style it up as a shirt dress, but I thought I would go super casj with ripped jeans today.

Speaking of ripped jeans, I actually cut the holes in these myself.  I just can't justify spending £40 on a pair of Topshop ones, when I can do it myself for a fraction of the price. I've mentioned this on my blog so many times before, but I think the quality of Topshop clothes is so bad for the price they are sold, and these Primark jeans are actually just as good as the ones in Topshop.  They aren't made from that horrible stretchy denim that gets all misshaped after one wear.  Bonus that they are super high waisted as well!


10 February 2015

Barbie Shades

Roll Neck Jumper - Charity Shop
Quilted Faux Leather Skirt - H&M
Shoes - Topshop

I've wanted a pair of round sunglasses since last Spring.  Y'know, the classic vintage 70's ones.  Problem is, as cool and as rock n roll as they make everyone else look, I just resemble a bug with eyes too small for it's face - truth.  I haven't actually tried those massive ones yet, I'm sure they would be a better fit for my face shape, but these super reflective babies from Le Specs*, with the slight kitten shape are definitely a winner.

Le Specs stock some really radical sunglasses, with awesome shaped frames, including those massive round 70's ones I mentioned before.  I was so tempted by them, by sunglasses are very hit and miss with me and I know that the cat eye shape suits my awkward face shape, so I went with the Original Sin*.  And they are bright pink, how could I say no?

If you're after a new pair of shades and none of the Le Specs ones tickles ya fancy, Sunglasses Shop stocks loads and loads and loads of  designer sunglasses.  The Raybans have been taunting me, I've wanted a pair for ages now!

I literally cannot wait until it warms up, not only so I can walk around in bright pink sunglasses not looking like a weirdo, but also so my legs won't get frostbite every time I want to wear my fishnet knee highs.  I am loving them right now!


8 February 2015


All in all, it's been a pretty good week - got the new Pokemon, wore my cat socks, AND hunted down a lilac fluffy scarf that was only 99p!  That thing keeps my neck very warm indeed - one of my more impressive charity shop finds, I have to say.

Only posting 3 times a week has been so good, I can't even tell you.  Having to take 3 sets of outfit photos a week was getting way too much with my dissertation.  I literally don't know how some people manage to post everyday of the week with a job, even 4/5 times a week - if your one of those, well done, this impresses me.  Care to share your secret?


5 February 2015

Hidden Gems

The Beatles Tee - Charity Shop
Fluffy Scarf - Charity Shop
Shoes - Converse

These are definitely two of my best charity shop finds so far.  I went to Southampton yesterday as my bffffff goes to uni there.  There are so many more charity shops compared to Portsmouth and they all have many more clothes, why is this?!?!  This fluffy scarf was only 99p, bargs!  I love wearing t-shirts as dresses, and I love wearing band tee's as dresses even more, so I was most pleased when I came across this Beatles beauty hidden amongst some men's tee's.  Yep, I even look at the men's stuff in charity shops, there are quite a few gems!

P.S. excuse the holes in my fishnets!


2 February 2015

Third Year *Crying Emoji*

Cropped Sweatshirt - Charity Shop
Tartan Skirt - New Look
Shoes - Topshop

Not the most exciting outfit to come out of The Velvet Black, I'm currently on a serious drought of outfit inspo.  This may have something to do with the fact that I have 5 essays and my disso due in, in under 2 months.  I have started precisely zero essays.  Someone save me *eight crying emojis*.  Third year is hard goddammit!  I've decided to post only on Mondays, Thursdays, and Sundays rather than four times a week, up until the dreaded 26th March - due in date *five more crying emojis*.  

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