19 July 2014

The 10 Most Pointless Beauty Products

Needless to say, most of us girls are total beauty addicts, who have explored the deepest realms of the beauty world to make our bodies the best that they can be.  There are thousands of different products out there, one for every inch of us, that claim to work miracles and make us look like the airbrushed models on the advertisements.  But really, how many airbrushed model look a likes do you see walking down the street of a Friday morning?  My point exactly.  Many products out there can be rendered as completely useless, and here is my little selection of the biggest offenders:
  1. Vibrating Mascara - Is this really a thing?  I cannot imagine using this strange contraption would be anything other than awkward and painful.  What's wrong with a bog standard, non vibrating mascara?
  2. Shop Bought Wax Strips - All these have ever seemed to achieve is waxy and patchy haired legs.  Do I really want to waste my money on them?
  3. Toner - On a more serious note, toner really does nothing for your skin.  It was initially used to remove any residue left by soaps, but all the high-tech face washes and cleansers we have today don't leave that residue behind.  A cleanser will be enough.  Of course, if you are a toner addict like I am, using a one that doesn't contain alcohol is fine, until you can completely cut the stuff out.
  4. Anything that claims to rid your bod of cellulite - Need I say anymore? Come'on girls, even if it does work, it ain't gonna be permanent.  If your that bothered by it, maintaining an exercise rich lifestyle with healthy foods will be a lot more in your favour, but cellulite is really not that big of a deal!
  5. Neck Cream - Let's be serious here.  Your face cream is perfectly fine to use on your neck as well.  What's next?  Ear cream? Nose cream?
  6. Foot Cream - Similarly, your usual body lotion will perfectly adequate for your tootsies as well. 
  7. Lip Scrubs - I always thought this was a bit of a weird and unnecessary product when I first saw it in Lush a year or so ago.  A little research confirmed my beliefs. The lips naturally exfoliate themselves. Just keep those bad boys well moisturized with your fave lip balm and you'll be good.
  8. Expensive Anti - Aging Creams - As long as the cream contains retinoids derived from vitamin A, alpha hydroxy acids or antioxidants, you should have some success.  These are the active ingredients which will leave long lasting results.  A lot of the expensive creams are just well packaged, glorified moisturizers, so be careful when splashing out!
  9. Boob Job Gel - Yes, this is actually a real product.  Rodial is a brand in particular that claims to give you an extra cup size within 60 days.  Obviously, it doesn't work.  Please don't waste £125 on this rubbish.
  10. High SPF Lotions - A lotion with SPF 15 gives 94% protection against UVB rays, SPF 30 gives 97% protection and SPF 45 gives 98% protection.  After that it just gets silly.  It's also important too note that no sun lotion will offer 100 % protection.  While we are on the topic of, here's a little top tip for ya'll.  Make sure to buy a lotion that protects from UVA rays as well.  UVB rays are the ones which cause the skin too burn, and that the stated SPF protects against.  UVA rays are a differently story, and are more closely linked to deep skin damage.  Both contribute too a higher risk of skin cancer!


  1. So true
    Adverts just lie to us and say that we need those things!

  2. Vibrating mascara?! Clearly no one has seen how much my hand can shake when I put on my mascara!

    Jemma @ Jemma In Words

  3. Yeah girl, preach! Excellent post xxx


  4. I'm actually glad that toners are actually not mandatory anymore since I haven't used any since forever! It's really good to know that lip scrubs are actually not that useful either. One less product to waste my money on. :) Thank you for the great tips!
    Elina | Cupcake Kisses

  5. Fantastic post, it is so easy to get caught up to buy stuff when there is really no use for it!

    Gaby x


  6. Haha, boob gel! Good advice on the high SPF lotions though, I didnt know that :)

    Cats in Crop Tops

  7. I use to work in Space NK and we use to sell tons of silly Rodial products claiming this that and the other..love a bit of honesty in a post. ;)

  8. Have to disagree with the toner I'm afraid - I find they do wonders for my skin!
    Megan x

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  10. i know i'm a bit off topic, but your eyeliners rock!!!!

  11. Agree with all of this, especially toner, I've stopped using it it just irritates my skin unnecessarily. And neck cream, why on earth would anyone waste their money on something as specific as that! loved this! x


  12. We totally agree! Creams that claim to erase cellulite are bogus and such a waste of money. Great post!


  13. I completely agree with these! It can be somewhat nice to use a lip scrub or something like that if you're doing a spa night but other then that. Not necessary at all!

    i need another closet BLOG

  14. Amazing post, I totally agree with everything you wrote :)

    Love, Sara Wallflower

  15. I LOVE your blog!
    I laughed throughout this whole post! So true!
    But I must say, my lips were so disgustingly dry in the winter for many years, and when I discovered a lip scrub from lush, I never had dry, cracked lips ever again!
    I don't know, for me, it was a miracle, no lip balm seemed to do the trick!

    Love your blog :) xx
    Can't wait to see more posts!

  16. Hahahah some of these really are hilarious, i didn't know some of them even existed! xx


  17. I will actually disagree on a couple. I've recently tried neck cream and it was way more different in terms of consistency that face cream - I loved it. Also, I really like foot creams, some body lotions aren't 'thick' enough to properly nourish battered feet. But great conversational post!


  18. I totally agree with you, except for the wax strips: I mean, I usually buy them in the market and they work well on my legs.
    By the way I like your post, it is funny and super honest!

    - I would ask you how is the weather like in Portsmouth because I will be there next neek and I will stay there for 3 weeks so I don't know what to pack!

    If you have time, feel free to visit my blog: Nikami | Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  19. so true - especially toner xx

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  21. I think that a vibrating mascara could be wuite effective if the vibrations are quite subtle, but anything that claims to rid your bod of cellulite is something that girls can only dream of! A marketing trick, pure and simple :-)

    Anything that claims to rid your bod of cellulite is the most stupid idea ever, seriously people...it's permanent, and it's only a crappy marketing trick :)

    Beauty Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  22. Love this! Such a fresh post.


  23. Great post idea haha! Agreed on toner - I just splash my face with cold water after cleansing and it works just fine! x

    Kathryn | effievanity

  24. Interesting post :) thanks for sharing!


  25. SO TRUE. I've always said that about Cellulite products. It doesn't do anything! The only way to get rid of it is working your ass out! xxx


  26. Hi there^^,
    I would never have thought that toner is pointless? I love using mine .__.
    But you are so right! what the heck is a neck cream?? So unneccesary
    Have a lovely day!!

  27. Hahahahaha I love the concept of this post! I totally agree with everything you said with the exception of lip scrubs. I'm prone to really chapped lips and the only thing that helps is scrubbing them and then tonnes of lip balm. I've been known to use my toothbrush on my lips in the absence of a lip scrub hahaha!

  28. Hi, I nominated you for an award over at my blog!

    Little Gold Pocket Watch

  29. This post made me smile :) Sometimes us girls will go to the end and beyond to obtain "perfection". Gotta be more careful with those impulse purchases haha

    She Will Be

  30. this post is great ! In fact I dont own any of them :))

    I would like to invite you to my giveaway on my blog YOKO NGUYEN BLOG

  31. Love your thought dear! Amazing post!

  32. I think I need to move over to a cleanser and fast! Haha. Great idea for a post! :)

  33. Haha this is brilliant! Such a fun idea for a post :)

  34. This is great advice, a lot of people I know buy a lot of those things! x


  35. Boob job gel?! Oh my goodness, what are people thinking selling that sort of stuff?!!

  36. This post made me laugh!
    So informative and brilliantly well written, thank you xo


  37. Great advise along with a great sense of humour :) x


  38. Great post, I don't own any of these except for SPF50 face cream (I'm very pale). I'm glad I'm not the only one who isn't fussed about cellulite.


  39. Haha, I love this post! :D


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  41. Toner is a waste of money! A good makeup remover and moisturizer is all you need!


  42. these are such great tips! thanks :D


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