29 June 2014

Clear Skin: How To Achieve and Maintain


Since I had the recent delight of my right jaw breaking out,  I've been trying some new tricks in the attempt to clear the pesky suckers away as quickly as possible, and to keep my spot prone skin, a spot free zone.  In my not so long two weeks of trying these out, I have actually seen improvement.  The break out cleared up faster than normal and I haven't even seen many new ones appearing.  'So, what are these said tricks?' I hear you ask.

Using a clean towel to dry your face:
I'll admit, you do go through a hell of a lot of towels doing this, so it's not the most resourceful of things, but you need to try and cut out any cross contamination.  

Cleaning your makeup brushes after every use:
This leads me on to my next point of using clean makeup brushes.  Very important!  Now, I'm not talking a dreaded deep clean with soap and water each time.  Ain't nobody got time for that.  Instead, just pick up some makeup brush cleaner from boots, and the deep cleaning can be saved as weekly ordeal.  Just like with the towels, it will stop any cross-contamination, but you need to get rid of all the bacteria that builds as well.  It's no secret that bacteria is the cause of the spots, so we don't want to be painting it all over our faces!

Regularly using a clay face mask:
I'm so flaky with face masks.  I go through phases of being really good and treating myself to one every other day but most of the time I'm so lazy and don't bother.  Clay is really good at drawing out impurities and giving your pores a good ol' deep cleanse.  I've been using Liz Earle's Deep Cleansing Clay Mask every other day, and I have to say it's worked a treat!

Drinking enough water:
We all know the benefits of water for our skin, so I won't drone on about them here.  I've been trying to drink 2 - 3 litres of water each day, and it's definitely showing!

Do you think you'll try these out?  I really want to try and stick to them, but I'm not sure how long it will last!


27 June 2014

The Shift Dress: From Day to Night

The shift dress; what a wonderfully versatile little piece.  It is definitely acceptable to wear one for most occasions, just change up your accessories and choice of footwear, and you have multiple outfits all in one.  Resourceful, right?

This is a slightly different kind of outfit post today... kind of a two in one.  I thought that I would mix it up a bit!  I don't usually wear white.  Well, unless it's accompanied by some sort of dark coloured or denim piece, as I'm all for the grungy, rock 'n' roll scene.  So putting on a fully white dress felt strange, and I did feel like a nurse at first (like the vintage 50's nurse uniforms... you know the ones I'm talking about!).  Although it looks nothing like one!  Also, white looks amazing against a tan.  Maybe not so much over my pale, untanable skin, but there ya go.

For the day look, I threw my paisley print shirt/kimono hybrid over the dress, because you can't go wrong with a kimono.  I've been neglecting this one one recently and I have no idea why, because it's bloody amazing!  The print is beautiful, with hints of a dusky green throughout (not sure if this shows on the camera), and it has an irresistibly grungy feel to it.  Like a moth too a flame, I was too this kimono!   I chose my Dr Marten's to put on my tootsies as they go perfectly with the kimono and are super comfy.  Seriously, if you haven't bought yourself a pair of docs yet, invest!  They literally go with anything, so are perfect for a lazy day, and will last you for your lifetime due to their amazing quality!  On them baking hot days (for us English folk, that's apparently anything above 20° Celsius), the docs can be switched for something a little lighter like some sliders or chunky sandals.

To wear this dress on a night out I paired it with my white chunky heels, because who isn't enjoying the white on white trend?  I also decided to wear this silvery grey coin necklace, that I picked up from Primark months ago, just because a choker alone didn't quite make the cut for a dressy outfit.  And that's it!  Throw on your fave pair of heels and some jewelry, and your good to go! Easy peasy.

Shift Dress - eBay (originally from New Look)
Kimono - eBay
Chunky Shoes - eBay
Dr Marten's - eBay
Choker - eBay

Hands up if ya happy it's Friday!  Do you have any plans for the weekend?  It's my boyfriend's 21st tomorrow so we are driving down to Portsmouth later to partay it up!  I may even wear the shift dress...


25 June 2014

Girls and Protein: Protein Shakes Aren't Just For Boys!

protein shakes, women protein shakes, women's health, women weight loss, girls protein shakes, girls weight loss

What comes to mind when you think of protein shakes?  Body builders?  Athletes?  Boys?  I'm sure many of you girls don't exactly picture yourself gulping down protein shake after protein shake after a long, hard workout.  But here's the thing; if you work out regularly and are determined to lose a bit of weight, or simply tone up, protein shakes may be just the thing for you!  So the spirit of us girls working hard to get the perfect summer bod, here are some reasons why, we too, could benefit from knocking back those lovely protein filled shakes:

Contrary to what many of girls believe, not all protein shakes will make you gain weight:
We've all heard that god forsaken word associated with protein shakes... 'gainers'.  And most of us do  not want to be putting something that is referred to as a 'gainer' into our beautiful bodies.  Yes, it's true that some protein shakes will make you pile on the pounds, but that's because they are designed this way.  They are for the boys that need all those calories for extra muscle gain.  And we want to avoid them!  Obviously!

What we are looking for is a protein shake that is relatively low in calories.  You can find many different brands that that contain around 100 calories or less which is perfect!

I use the brand My Protein, which I love as it only has 98.3 calories (20g of protein per shake). It's actually the lowest in calories I have been able to find, so I would definitely recommend it in that aspect.  At the end of the post, I will include a mini review to let you know my thoughts on this particular brand.

For us girls who exercise regularly, protein can help us achieve a toned body:
Incorporating protein shakes into your diet can be extremely beneficial in helping you out with that beautifully toned body you have always longed for.

A quick biology lesson here; protein is used for growth and repair.  When we workout, we get lots of tiny tiny rips in our muscles.  This is one of the reasons why our muscles hurt after exercise.  So, we need to repair these rips, and taking in enough protein is so important for this!  The protein basically directs the muscle cells to replicate, repairing the rips.  As there are more cells, our muscle size will be increased!

Wow, I felt like I was back in A-Level Biology writing out that little paragraph!  So exactly how much protein should you be getting in your diet?  If your a fairly active girl, you should be aiming to get 1 - 1.5g for every kg of your body weight.  That's 60 - 90g if you weigh 60kg, which seems rather a lot, I know!  You can see how useful protein shakes could be in aiding your protein intake each day.

Oh, and one final point about having a toned body; having a higher mass of toned muscle actually helps with weight loss and will contribute to increasing your metabolism!

Protein and it's beauty benefits:
It's no secret that protein is vital for the health of our skin, hair and nails.  Making sure that you are taking in enough protein each day will definitely help the condition and growth rate of your hair and nails.  It will also lead to lovely, glowing, blemish free skin that many of us can only dream of!

On a more serious note, there are some factors you have to consider before you delve into the world of protein.  If you are getting enough protein from your regular diet already, there is no need to splash out on protein shakes!  Too much protein can actually be dangerous for our bodies, and could increase our risk of developing kidney and heart problems, as well as nutrient deficiencies.

Please don't let that little section worry you though.  I don't want you too be obsessively counting every single gram of protein every day now!  You'd have to regularly take in very high quantities of protein for that to be relevant!

Now for the question I bet many of you have been wondering.  Which protein do I go for?  There's so many too chose from!  Well, one of the main reasons I went for My Protein is, as I mentioned earlier, because their shakes have only 98.3 calories, which is lower than most others I found.  Even the shakes that are specifically designed for women (more on them later).

I also decided that I wanted to go for Whey Protein, which My Protein provide.  There are so many benefits to taking Whey Protein, including that of weight loss (which I'm sure most of us are expecting to achieve from this!).  I'll let you discover more of the benefits yourself.

My Protein also offer a choice of SO many different flavours.  There is literally so many, I was in ore when I first checked them out.  I've found no other brand to offer a variety of flavours like this.  If you don't believe me, go and look for yourself!

As well as their awesomely large option of flavours (which all sound delicious, might I add), I thought the price that they offer the protein powder for was very reasonable.  It is the cheapest that I have found on the internet so far, especially compared to the protein shakes that are advertised for women.  When I started researching said shakes, I was initially going to go for one specifically designed for us girls.  But after more and more research, I realized I would basically be paying a lot of extra money just for the pretty pink packaging and the fact that they claim it's specifically designed for women!  No thanks!

And just in case you were wondering, I drink one protein shake a day after I have exercised!  Well, the best time to take protein is straight after that hard workout of yours!

What are you thoughts on us girls drinking protein shakes?

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Disclaimer: This post has not been sponsored, nor was I asked to write it.  I also paid for the all products with my own money (before I even thought about starting a blog!)


23 June 2014

Feeling Tropical

I love how evil Yugi (my cat) looks...

Playsuit - New Look (Old)
Leather Jacket - eBay
Gladiator Sandals - eBay
Choker - eBay

Do you want too know a little secret?  This 'so-called' playsuit didn't exactly begin life as a playsuit... It started off as a dress, living it's simple dress life in New Look, then relocating to my wardrobe where it would hang neglected and unworn for around 3 years.  

I decided I didn't like the fact it was a dress.  I don't know why.  Maybe it was the way it hung.  But the print in the oh so vibrant colours, and the off the shoulder style has always stood out to me.  So I thought it would be a good idea too try and up-cycle it into a playsuit; something that you would imagine too be quite easy.  Wouldn't you?  Ha.  The YouTube tutorials said differently...

They all involved cutting the dress apart into shorts, and lots and sewing... Lots of sewing.  Ain't nobody got time for that!  Instead, I just sewed bits of the dress together to make the join where it would be in a pair of shorts. It literally took two minutes. Simples!  I know it would probably look better if I did it properly, but I really couldn't be bothered. 

Just one more thing.  I couldn't not get on board with the whole fringing trend.  I bought this leather jacket years ago off of eBay for like a tenner, and thought this would be a good outfit to throw it over the top of.

What do you think of up-cycling old dresses into playsuits?  Would you do it the proper way, or would you be lazy and do it like I did? 

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21 June 2014

The Midi Skirt

midi skirt, bohemian, rock chick, doctor martin's, dm's, bowler hat, choker
midi skirt, bohemian, rock chick, doctor martin's, dm's, bowler hat, choker

This is me attempting the midi skirt trend...

 midi skirt, bohemian, rock chick, doctor martin's, dm's, bowler hat, choker
 midi skirt, bohemian, rock chick, doctor martin's, dm's, bowler hat, choker
midi skirt, bohemian, rock chick, doctor martin's, dm's, bowler hat, choker
midi skirt, bohemian, rock chick, doctor martin's, dm's, bowler hat, choker
midi skirt, bohemian, rock chick, doctor martin's, dm's, bowler hat, choker
midi skirt, bohemian, rock chick, doctor martin's, dm's, bowler hat, choker

Top - Topshop (old)
Midi Skirt - My mum's from forever ago (soz)
Dr Marten's - eBay
Choker - eBay
Hat - H&M

When midi skirts first started making their appearance, I have to say, I did not think I would be playing my part in the trend.  But yet, here I am, sporting this pastel blue number.  I don't usually wear long pieces.  In fact, I never wear long pieces.  I'm more of a short skirt and short shorts kinda gal.  Yes, I'm one of them.

I also saw midi skirts as being just that little bit too girly for my liking.  So I gave it an edge by tucking in an old Hendrix tee that I found abandoned under a pile of tops in the bottom of one of my drawers.  Glad I rediscovered that one!  I added my cute orb choker that as made an appearance in many of my past outfit posts, and used this chunky black belt as a waist sincher.  I think it brings the top and the skirt together nicely, if I do say so myself.

I did have a bit of a pickle when trying to decide what shoes to wear.  I firstly went straight to my black chunky sandals, but I thought that they looked way too girly with the skirt.  The bottom half of me looked like a girly girl, and the top half of me looked like a wannabe rock chick...  Not good.  Instead, I threw on my beloved black Dr Marten's, that have been harshly neglected now it's getting hotter.

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19 June 2014

The White Shirt

white shirt, white blouse, grunge, 90's grunge, 90's, 90' fashion, choker, chunky sandals
white shirt, white blouse, grunge, 90's grunge, 90's, 90' fashion, choker, chunky sandals
white shirt, white blouse, grunge, 90's grunge, 90's, 90' fashion, choker, chunky sandals
white shirt, white blouse, grunge, 90's grunge, 90's, 90' fashion, choker, chunky sandals
white shirt, white blouse, grunge, 90's grunge, 90's, 90' fashion, choker, chunky sandals

Please don't alert the fashion police of my socks and sandals crime...

white shirt, white blouse, grunge, 90's grunge, 90's, 90' fashion, choker, chunky sandals
white shirt, white blouse, grunge, 90's grunge, 90's, 90' fashion, choker, chunky sandals
white shirt, white blouse, grunge, 90's grunge, 90's, 90' fashion, choker, chunky sandals

White Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - River Island (Old)
Chunky Sandals - New Look
Black Frilly Socks - Topshop
Choker - eBay

I am once again sporting an outfit comprised of monochrome.  Maybe I was a penguin in a previous life?  Or a panda.  Yes that's it, I was a panda.

White shirts are divinely easy to style and wear, and they actually look like you have made an effort with your outfit.  They are such a brilliant staple piece too have hanging up in your wardrobe as they can be thrown on for so many different occasions.  

I chose quite a basic white shirt from Topshop, with pocket detailing on each side of the chest.  Here I have tucked it into my black ripped skinny jeans to give it more of an edge.  I wore these chunky white sandals in my last outfit post, but I just love them so much and thought they went so well with the outfit!  I love the sharp contrast between the black socks and white sandals, and the frills add a dash of cuteness. 

I bought this new choker from eBay, and it is actually a velvety material, which I love!  If your looking to buy a choker, I would definitely recommend eBay.  There are tonnes of different ones at very cheap prices!

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17 June 2014

Tea Tree Oil & Blemishes: Using Tea Tree Oil To Rid Those Pesky Spots

Tea tree oil, tea tree oil for acne, tea tree oil for spots, acne, spots, blemishes, tea tee oil for blemishes

We all get spots, much to our dismay.  Some of us more than others (yes, my skin is fairly spot prone).  I'm always looking for new ways too battle them when they decide to attack my face, and I have found tea tree oil to be quite an effective weapon.  And the best part is, it's so cheap!  As well as the tiny little bottle lasting forever!

Now, too you oily skin girls, I bet your wondering the logic in smothering more oil onto skin, and what good could ever come out of it.  I thought exactly that when I first heard of using it to combat those blemishes.  But in actual fact it is an extremely dry oil (girls with dry skin, you should possibly avoid using this method, or if you chose too, moisturize extremely well).

There is also the question of whether to dilute the oil or not.  Personally, I chose not too, however it can sting slightly in certain areas.  So if you do have sensitive or dry skin I would recommend diluting it with either water (I don't recommend this as water and oil don't mix) or aloe vera gel (a few of drops or tea tree oil with a teaspoon of aloe vera gel) for a more soothing solution.

I would also recommend testing the oil on a small area on your neck or behind your ear to make sure that your skin doesn't react badly with it.  I mean, what if you smooth it onto your face and it causes and massive itchy rash?  Not a good look!  This could have been avoided by testing it first.

I apply the oil to any spots that I may have morning and night, and I find that it dries them up and and decreases their size within 2 - 3 days.  Tea tree oil has antibacterial properties, so you can see why it does this.

Finally, remember to make sure that you use 100% pure tea tree oil!

Have you ever tried using tea tree oil to clear up blemishes?  Or have you found any other products that work really well on spots?

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14 June 2014

The Liebster Award: I've Been Nominated!

I've been nominated for the Liebster Award!  In case any of you aren't familiar with the award, it's a way for new bloggers the help promote each other and become more well known in the Blogosphere.  Emma from Dino's Beauty Diary , who writes a lovely blog about lots of different beauty products, as well as posting about fashion and lifestyle, nominated me!  So I'd like to thank Emma!

The Rules:
I thank the blogger who tagged me.
I say 11 facts about me.
I answer the 11 questions written by the person who tagged me.
I write my own 11 questions.
I tag 11 up and coming bloggers.

11 Facts About Me:
Cats are my fave.
eBay is my favourite place to buy literally everything.
I'm going to Bestival this year.
I always put Friends on when I go to sleep.
I love Cher from Clueless's clothes.
In fact I love Cher.
  • And that movie.
  • I passed my driving test finally on the fourth attempt, and I'm still a bad driver (woops).
  • I don't have a favourite colour.
  • My iPhone case has cat ears, paws and a tail.
  • I like that rain smell after it's rained.
My Answers:

Who is your favourite blogger?

What is your biggest fear?
Probably like spiders or small spaces (because I can get really claustrophobic!) 

If you could only shop in one store for the rest of your life, where would you choose?
Does eBay count?  Because you can get everything from there.

What is the one thing you couldn't live without?
Water.  I drink so much water, literally all I drink is water.

Who is your biggest inspiration?
I don't really have a biggest as I have lots of equal ones.

Do you prefer budget makeup or more high end stuff?
Obviously high end but can I have it at budget prices please?

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?
New York

What is your dream job?
Cheese taster because I love cheese.  No, seriously.

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
The power of time and space.

What is your favourite scent?
It changes, but at the moment it's Alien.

What is your biggest dream?
To do a road trip around American.  Would be so much fun!

My Questions For Bloggers:
If you could only choose 5 makeup products to use everyday, what would they be?
If you could be a character from any movie, who would you be?
Summer or winter?
If you were a type of food, what food would you be?
Would you read a book that had your whole life story - everything until the day you died?
How long does it take you to get ready in the morning?
What's your favourite SS14 trend?
Sweet or savory?
If you could live anywhere (including fictional places) where would you live?
Would you rather be laying on a beach or camping at a festival?
What's your favourite animal?

The Bloggers I nominate are:

Have fun!


12 June 2014

Healthy Festival Skin: 5 Tips To Keep Your Skin Looking Healthy at a Festival

festival, skin care, healthy festival skin, festival essentials

It's that time again; festival season!  I've seen a lot of blog posts about festival essentials in general, but not one specifically on one of the hardest to maintain parts of our bodies... our skin.

I don't know about you, but when I sway from my normal skincare routine of cleansing, washing, toning and moisturizing, it really shows.  Obviously, with the lack of water and other facilities at festivals, it's quite hard to stick to your normal routine.  That coupled with lots of sun, dancing, alcohol consumption and lack of sleep can cause a girl's skin to breakout and look very dull.

But not to worry!  There are a few products you can have in your arsenal to fight the dullness and breakouts, and keep your glowing healthy skin!

1. Cleansing lotion - I'm suggesting lotion rather than wipes as wipes actually don't do many favours for that pretty little face of yours.  I would recommend either the Simple Cleansing Lotion or The Body Shop's Vitamin E Cream Cleanser.  Both are very gentle and effective at removing makeup and dirt, as well as containing vitamins to help keep your skin healthy.

2. Toning and Moisturizing - Just bring your normal toner and moisturizer along with you, as well as enough cotton wool pads to last you the weekend.  Try your best to tone and moisturize morning and night like you would at home.  The toner will help remove the cleanser residue seeing as you probably won't be able to wash your face, and we all know how important moisturizing it... at a festival more than ever!

3. Spot Cream - Your spot cream will become your new best friend.  You are more than likely to get at least one or two spots even if you have generally clear skin, so you won't be sorry for packing a decent spot cream!  Tea tree oil is also a very cheap and effective alternative to an expensive spot cream.

4. Water - Now we all know how important drinking your daily dose of 8 glasses of water is for your skin.  And the good news is you can still do this quite easily at a festival (or get close at least!)  If you have been to a festival before, you will know that they have lots of taps dotted around the campsites and arena's, so just carry a plastic bottle with you at all times and you will always be able to grab some free water!

5. Sun Protection - As we all know, it's so important to protect our faces from the sun.  There are so many foundations, powders and moisturizers that have an SPF, so bring one of them along with you and you won't have to worry about applying sun cream to your face every few hours!

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10 June 2014

The Denim Dungarees

Hat - H&M
Sunglasses - H&M
Crop Top - Topshop (old)
Denim Dungarees - eBay (originally from Miss Selfridge)
Vans - Office
Choker - eBay

I think that crop tops and denim dungarees are a perfect match, although I do feel a bit like a farmer girl with the hat and all.

Once again I am wearing monochrome, as it is practically the only colour theme my clothes seem to consist of at the moment.  Even my Vans match.  My Vans will always have a place in my heart as they are super comfy and go with pretty much anything.  Literally, if your ever stuck on what shoes to wear, just throw on a pair of Vans and you'll be good to go.  I even wear mine on nights out sometimes... when I'm feeling seriously lazy.  I love those baby's okay, don't judge!

Of course, the denim dungarees go so perfectly with the black and white pieces.  Any monochrome pattern will always look great with blue denim and it's so easy to wear.  Whether it be adding a denim jacket to a funky monochrome patterned dress, or styling a simple black and white striped top with some high waisted denim shorts.

What do you think of the monochrome and denim combo?  I love it!

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8 June 2014

Homemade Hair Masks for Dry Hair

Now, if you have read my previous post on a guide to getting long hair, you will know that I prefer homemade hair masks to the ones you can pick up in Boots or wherever.  They are so much cheaper and I feel that they are a lot healthier for your hair; no chemicals!  And they are super easy too make.  There are probably hundreds of recipes strewn across the internet, but I've done the hard work, tested them out, and narrowed it down for you.  So let's have a little looky at my faves:

Hot Olive Oil Hair Treatment

-Olive Oil

This is my go to hair mask, and I use it 2 - 3 times a week before I wash my hair.  It's so quick and easy to make and is ridiculously beneficial for your hair:

  • If you happen to experience the annoyance that is dandruff, olive oil will moisturize your scalp helping to prevent the dry flaky skin.
  • Olive oil is filled with antioxidants as well as A and E vitamins so is brilliant at sealing in the hairs moisture as well as protecting the keratin in the hair.  Perfect for if you have dry hair that needs to be strengthened (like me!)
  • Using this treatment regularly will begin to make your hair feel amazingly soft.

'So, how do I make this seemingly wonderful and beneficial hair mask?'  I hear you ask.  Depending on how thick and long your hair is, you want to pour your olive oil into a mug (I use about 5/6 tablespoons and I have shoulder length thin hair), then microwave it for 30 seconds to 1 minute.  You then slather it all over your hair, not forgetting to massage some into your scalp!

 It's then up to you how long you want to leave it on for, but I suggest at least 20 minutes.  I usually leave it for an hour, but the longer the better really.  You also need to wrap it up in either a shower cap or a hot towel (dampened and bunged in the microwave for 30 seconds) to help keep the heat in.  The heat opens up the hair follicles, allowing the oil to penetrate the hair so much more.

I then wash it off using my normal shampoo and condition as usual.  Simples!

Olive Oil and Egg Hair Mask

-Olive Oil
-Honey (optional)

This is another hair mask that I use quite a lot.  Egg contains so much protein so you can imagine the benefits it has for your hair.  I've also noticed that my hair looks mega shiny after I have used this.  And again, it is really quick and easy to make.

Pour some olive oil into a mug, but use about half the amount that you would use for the Hot Olive Oil Treatment as there needs to be room for the egg as well.  This next bit is optional.  I like to heat the oil up slightly (not too much as the egg may start to cook when you add it), to help to open the hair follicles.  You then add your egg and whisk it all together.  You can also add a tablespoon of honey as this is also very beneficial to the hair (nourishing and moisturizing), although I'll admit, I only do this sometimes when I have some honey laying around in my kitchen.

Apply to your hair, wrap up in a shower cap or towel, and leave it on for at least 20 minutes.  You can then wash it off with your shampoo and condition your hair as normal.

Porridge Oats Hair Mask

-Porridge Oats
-Oil of your choice (I recommend either olive, coconut or almond.)

Yep you read it right.  Porridge oats.  Believe it or not, porridge oats are actually extremely moisturizing and they can also be used for dry skin problems such as eczema.  Depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you want to take equal parts of the oats, the milk and your oil of choice and mix the concoction up into a thick paste.  Simply smooth it all over your hair and let it so it's magic for 20 minutes.

You know what I'm going to say now don't ya!  Wash and condition using your normal shampoo and conditioner, and enjoy your newly moisturized hair!

Have you tried any of these hair masks out before?  What did you think of them?

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6 June 2014

OOTD: Gold Chains, Purple Lips & a Black Hat

fashion, style, personal style, hat, black hat, bowler hat, gold chains, purple lipstick, grunge, alternative

Hat - H&M
Shirt - eBay (originally from Urban Outfitters)
Shorts - Urban Outfitters (Old)
Sandals - eBay

When in doubt, throw on a hat...

fashion, style, personal style, hat, black hat, bowler hat, gold chains, purple lipstick, grunge, alternative

fashion, style, personal style, hat, black hat, bowler hat, gold chains, purple lipstick, grunge, alternative

fashion, style, personal style, hat, black hat, bowler hat, gold chains, purple lipstick, grunge, alternative

Recently I have been neglecting my gold jewelry, which is a shame because I have 3 beautiful gold-plated necklaces that were given to me by my Nan quite a few years back.  However, I can't resist wearing them with this pretty abstract patterned blouse as I feel that they match wonderfully with the mustard base colour and vintage vibes the blouse gives off.  I'm a sucker for a tie bottom shirt, and obviously because it's slightly cropped it sits nicely on top of my beloved black high waisted shorts.  The streaks of black in the blouse also mean that the two pieces pair up nicely together.

And after seeing so many bloggers looking lovely in their hats, I had to get one of my own.  It's made out of woven straw so is perfect for summer, and as it is black it literally goes with my whole wardrobe.  Lovely!

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